Worship Service


What should you expect?

Expect a warm welcome. We are the family of God! We love each other deeply, but there is always room for the family to grow! That said, part of a warm welcome is not asking you to stand up and give your name when you visit. We know what it’s like to go somewhere for the first time – it can be uncomfortable. Don’t worry, we get it!

Expect a service that is structured but not rigid. We appreciate the wholesomeness of the ancient liturgy and gladly conform ourselves to its rhythm. It helps us worship God with reverence and awe. We also believe that because Jesus died in our place to cleanse us from all sin, we can stand before God as His adopted children and hold nothing back. We feel free to lift our hands as we worship, praising God with joy!

Expect to be focused on Jesus. The first half of our service involves reading from the Bible and hearing it preached, offering prayers and songs to God both as a preparation and response to receiving the Word. The second half of the service culminates in receiving Holy Communion, the re-presentation of the once-for-all sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Expect family participation. We offer Sunday School for elementary age children during the first half of service, seeking to provide lessons they can understand and activities they enjoy. We involve older children as much as possible throughout the service – reading the Bible up front, collecting the offering, etc….  Baptized children are also welcome to receive Holy Communion, at the discretion of their parents.

Expect fellowship and coffee after the service! We always have some refreshments after the service and take time to enjoy each other’s company. Of course, if it’s your first time with us we won’t be hurt if you don’t stay – but we’d love to meet you!